About me

Nikodem Jaworski

Hi, I'm Niko, 23 years old living near Cologne in Germany.

I'm fascinated about Web Development and want to share my solutions and opinions for common problems many developers face every day. Reinventing the wheel is boring, reusing and participating makes every software better and is more fun.

Currently I'm happy to be employed at alphadata GmbH. We're creating software for seminar organizers, associations and non-profit organizations.

Favorite languages:
  • JavaScript (server and client)
  • .NET
Favorite Frameworks:
  • Ember.js
  • hapi
  • loopback
  • Semantic UI
Favorite Software
  • Docker
  • Atom
  • Visual Studio
  • Rancher

E-Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: medokin_de